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BBS's interest in student's health is primarily educational. One of the school objectives is to teach the students how to manage their health and well being. Through a growing understanding of the basic facts of health, nutrition, disease, physical fitness, the student will develop a sense of responsibility for improvement of the general health of the society. BBS nurses provide general health education and guidance to students especially in the areas of safety, diet, nutritional and of bad health habits, so that they may conserve and improve their own health.

The infirmaries on the Jabriya and Hawally campuses provide first aid to students. The school nurses perform appraisal services through the screening of vision, hearing and other areas related to school performance. They also coordinate with the Ministry of Health immunization and inoculation services. Current health records containing pertinent data on students overall physical health or any physical disorder that might inhibit the student's progress in school, are kept by the school nurse. Access to these records is restricted to the school nurse and authorized personnel. To ensure the safety and well being of students while on campus, parents are required to supply the school with all pertinent information with regard to their child's health.

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