Strategic Plan

BBS has a documented 5 year strategic plan which is reviewed annually for progress by the School Board Executive Committee with the assistance of the Strategy Coordinator, an external consultant. The strategic plan was created in collaboration with all the school’s stakeholders. A committee was created for each of the goals below to monitor and implement these goals:

BBS Strategic Plan Goals 2012-2017

Goal 1
To support student development programs that strengthen character education, leadership, ethics, global citizenship and commitment to respect, integrity, and compassion.

Goal 2
To strengthen the ongoing alignment of challenging, school-wide curriculum standards for each subject area to equal the best international standards with measurable performance and quality assurance.

Goal 3
To play the school leadership role in the educational sector in Kuwait through providing resources for professional development of faculty, staff, administrators and trustees, as well as socially responsible programs to benefit the school community.

Goal 4
To create a smart campus through commitment to continuing it development for teachers, students, and the physical campus.

Goal 5
To promote transparency and communication throughout the school community.

Goal 6
To undertake a continuous review of enrollment policies with the goal of enhancing diversification of the student population especially in terms of nationalities.

Goal 7
To actively pursue means to ensure the school’s comprehensive financial sustainability and proper fund raising for school infrastructure development and physical expansion.

To read more please download the Al Bayan Bilingual School Strategic Plan 2012-2017 document.

To review the school’s progress in achieving these goals please download the Achievements document.