General Guidelines

  • Registration for new students commences at the beginning of February each year:
      Registration Period
      February 1 – February 15
      (dependent upon the availability of seats)
      Grades 1 to 12
      February 1 – End of School Year
      (dependent upon the availability of seats)
  • Applications submitted before or after the registration period will not be accepted.
  • The age category cutoff date is December 31st. Please review the Age Categories table to know the minimum age accepted in each grade level. Students may be older than the minimum age required, however, they may not be younger. Students who do not attain the minimum age for entrance may apply for admissions the following year, or for a lower grade level.

Acceptance Criteria

  • BBS' admissions procedures ensure we only admit students to whom we can provide an education.
  • Academic and social development is the principal selection criteria.  Within these general criteria, priority for available vacancies is given to siblings of current students, children of alumni, staff members’ children and then to children of new families.
  • Students entering BBS must have sufficient skills in English and Arabic in order to meet the instructional demands of the grade level in which they apply. This is due to the fact that the school does not offer Arabic as a Second Language or English as a Second Language.
  • In line with Al-Bayan’s nondiscriminatory policy, admissions is conditional upon successful Entrance Evaluation results and the availability of places; regardless of gender, nationality, religion, or race.
  • When the capacity of each class is reached, students meeting the acceptance criteria, but not admitted, will be placed on a waiting list in case an opening occurs. The relevant family will then be contacted.
  • Applications to be considered for the following school year must be resubmitted during the next registration period in order for the student to be re-evaluated.