Age Categories

BBS Acceptance Age Categories - SY 2023-2024:


                      Birth Year           Grade Level Eligibility      Age by December, 31, 2023
2020 Pre-K 3
2019 KG1 4
2018 KG2 5
2017 GR.1 6
2016 GR.2 7
2015 GR.3 8
2014 GR.4 9
2013 GR.5 10
2012 GR.6 11
2011 GR.7 12
2010 GR.8 13
2009 GR.9 14
2008 GR.10 15
2007 GR.11 16
2006 GR.12 17


Students entering the Pre-K level must be 3 years of age by December 31 of that same academic year, 4 years for KG1, 5 years for KG2 and so on. Consequently, the children’s ages may vary slightly in any given grade. Students may be older than the minimum age required, however, they may not be younger. Students who do not attain the minimum age for entrance may apply for admissions the following year, or for a lower grade level.

However, if an applicant passed first grade or above from a Government, American, or Bilingual school, he can apply to the next grade level at BBS regardless of his age. This does not apply to students transferring from schools following the British system. If there is any doubt about the grade level to apply for, please contact the Admissions Office at 22275022/21.