Hawalli Campus

BBS believes that the proper environment results in accelerated learning and has equipped both of its campuses with the best possible facilities. Through an expansion of the campuses in late 2003, the list of facilities already available is staggering.



  • A Makerspace
  • A two-story library and media center
  • 3 Gymnasiums
  • 2 Football courts
  • 1 Theater
  • 10 Fully-equipped science laboratories
  • 4 Clinics
  • 1 School canteen
  • 7 Music classrooms
  • 5 Art classrooms
  • 8 Student counseling offices
  • 2 Conference rooms
  • 1 Multi-purpose room


BBS's interest in student's health is primarily educational. One of the school objectives is to teach the students how to manage their health and wellbeing. Through a growing understanding of the basic facts of health, nutrition, disease, physical fitness, the student will develop a sense of responsibility for improvement of the general health of the society. BBS nurses provide general health education and guidance to students especially in the areas of safety, diet, nutritional and of bad health habits, so that they may conserve and improve their own health.

The infirmaries on the Hawally campus provide first aid to students. The school nurses perform appraisal services through the screening of vision, hearing and other areas related to school performance. They also coordinate with the Ministry of Health immunization and inoculation services. Current health records containing pertinent data on students overall physical health or any physical disorder that might inhibit the student's progress in school, are kept by the school nurse. Access to these records is restricted to the school nurse and authorized personnel. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of students while on campus, parents are required to supply the school with all pertinent information with regard to their child's health.

The school canteen, operated by an independent caterer, are closely monitored by the School administration. BBS teachers, nurses, counselors and canteen supervisors work at promoting childhood eating habits that are based on widely accepted nutritional principles. The school canteen offers a wide variety of simple, attractive, nutritional snacks and juices. Students may also bring their own snacks to school. Snack time is sharing food and stories with friends and teachers.

An independent contractor who is regularly evaluated by the School Administration provides transportation services. Bus services are available to transport students to and from both school campuses. Increased use of school buses has helped alleviate traffic around the school and contributed to students' safety as they come to school and leave it. The bus services also provide transportation for educational field trips and out of school extracurricular co-curricular activities, which are a major component of education at BBS.

Riding the school bus is not only fun. As an extension to the school environment, the school bus ride gives the students the opportunity to add to their social and educational growth. Safe riding practices, courtesy to others, keeping to a schedule, and being punctual are but a few of the values that have direct application to bus riders.