School Profile

Al-Bayan Bilingual School was created with a vision to prepare students for the world of today and the challenges of tomorrow. The school offers a bilingual program in which the Arabic and English languages carry equal emphasis and status, the goal of which is to bridge global progress with the traditional values of Arab culture. The school aims to foster an environment for students to develop the intellectual qualities, ethical values, and positive attitudes required for effective participation and leadership in the overall development of Kuwait and the rapidly changing world.


BBS was established in1977 as the first bilingual school in the Arabian Gulf area.

Holding Company:

FAWSEC Educational Company, a non-profit organization.

School Leaders:

Kevin Fullbrook Director
Paul Said Deputy Director
Sura Abdul-Niby Preschool Principal
Nada Darwiche Elementary School Principal
Nehme El Kourani     Middle School Principal
Katrin Gendy High School Principal

Leadership Roles:

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Hawalli Campus (Pre-K - Grade 12):  Hawalli, Beirut Street, next to Huda Sharawi roundabout

School Hours for Students:

Division Timing
Preschool 7:30 am – 12:30 pm
Elementary School (grades 1-5) 7:15 am – 2:30 pm
Middle School (grades 6-8) 7:20 am – 2:40 pm
High School (grades 9-12) 7:20 am – 2:40 pm


The workweek is Sunday to Thursday. The minimum number of Student days are 180 days per academic year.



SY 2022-2023: 2,529 students enrolled.



Class Size:

Pre-K 17students/class
Kindergarten 1 23 students/class
Kindergarten 2 23 students/class
Elementary School 25 students/class
Middle School 23 students/class
High School 22 students/class



BBS has three full accreditations from:

  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges [USA]
  • The Council of International Schools [Netherlands]
  • Kuwait Ministry of Education


BBS has 12 counselors, in addition to an Educational Psychologist.

College Matriculation:

100% of our graduates go onto colleges and universities.
According to BridgeU, over 97% of our graduates are accepted in educational institutions in the United States, Europe and the remainder go to universities in the Gulf Region.
According to HS Senior Survey, 36% of our seniors will be attending in top 200 universities on the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

Media Centers/ Makerspace:

BBS has 4 media centers/ Makerspaces on its campus. The media centers use a server which allows for web-based access to the entire school catalog.


72% of BBS's tuition revenue is allocated to staff salaries and benefits as per the budget for SY2022/2023.
The remaining tuition revenue is utilized to develop school facilities and programs.