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Middle School Awards Ceremony

03 March 2019

Dear Middle School Parents,

I would like to invite you to attend our upcoming award ceremonies to help celebrate and acknowledge the wonderful achievements of our students so far this year.  The ceremonies will take place at the following times and dates:

Grade 8 – Tuesday 5th March at 1:40pm in the Dalal Waleed Al Humaidhi Theater.

Grade 6 – Wednesday 6th March at 1:40pm in the Dalal Waleed Al Humaidhi Theater.

Grade 7 – Thursday 7th March at 1:40pm in the Dalal Waleed Al Humaidhi Theater.


As we look to achieve more of a balance across academics, athletics/sport, and cultural activities across the Middle School, there will be a slight change to the structure of our awards this year.  While we will still be awarding the outstanding academic achievement of all of our honor roll students, we will also be acknowledging our sporting teams from seasons 1 and 2, as well as a couple of special achievements such as Math Olympiad and International Robotics Championship successes.  Due to the significant emphasis already on academic achievement at this event, and our desire to encourage collaborative learning over competition, we will no longer be distributing subject-based awards in the Middle School.

Therefore, the following students will be awarded during the ceremony:

Athletic awards – students from all KASAC sporting teams for seasons 1 and 2.

Special Achievement awards – students who performed highly at the Math Olympiad, International Robotics Championship and International Competition of Creative Writing.

Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, and High Honor Roll with Distinction.

I look forward to joining you in celebrating the many wonderful achievements of our students later this week.

Kind regards,

Kevin Fullbrook

Middle School Principal