Counseling Office

Dear Middle School Students and Parents,
Below are links to “Meet the School Counselors” document and  the “Middle School Counseling Office: Student Referral Form”. 
The Middle School Counseling Office Student Referral Form is a google form that can be filled out by students and/or parents. The form is intended to give students and parents the privacy and confidentially of addressing student social emotional concerns or academic development concerns. School Counselors will check the form daily and will reply within 24 hours of the referral form being submitted. It is important that students check their school gmail daily for appointments. 

Please note:

Ms. LaQuisha Nelson will be working with students from Grade 7 - EFGH and all of Grade 8
Mr. Elias Barcha  will be working with students from all of Grade 6 and Grade 7 – ABCD.