Academic Awards

Elementary School does not have Awards Assemblies but does recognize students in various ways during Morning Routine.

Bayan Stars
  • Students earn Bayan stars for good behavior, improvement in their behavior, respecting others, good effort, etc.  Each student is expected to receive a Bayan star. 
  • A student will not be given more than 5 Bayan stars in the academic year.
Student of the Month
  • Students are given merit points by their classroom teachers for both good behavior and academic accomplishments. As students accumulate merit points, they earn Student of the Month award.
Ministry Competitions
  • The Ministry of Education puts out many competitions for students to work on and excel in their Arabic, and Religion and Social Studies/Civics curriculum. As these competitions occur, BBS students participate and often are recognized for their achievements.
Curriculum Competitions
  • Teachers will also provide competitions in Math or Science, encouraging students to work hard and learn.