Standardized Tests

Standardized tests are important tool that colleges use to determine if students are ready for college level course work.

How Counselors Support Students:

  • We provide study guides, online resources and helpful tips for preparing for exams
  • Guidance to access free prep course and websites to study
  • We coordinate assessments in our school for students. SAT, PSAT and AP Exams
  • To find out more please visit the pages listed below




Helpful Resources

Test Who Should Take it and when How to register Practice and Prepare
October 19, 2019 *
Grade 10 and 11 Request information from High School Counselor College Readiness - Information
October 5, 2019*
December 7,2019*
Grade 11 and 12 Create an account on college board College Readiness - Create an account
ACT Grade 11 and 12 Create an account ACT - Create an account
TOEFL Grade 11 and 12 Create an account TOEFL - Create an account
ILETS Grade 11 and 12 Register with the British Council ILETS - Register
Khan Academy Grade 9 to 12 Free personalized practice Khan Academy - Website
Advanced Placement Exams (AP) Grade 11 and 12 Request information from the AP Coordinator Advanced Placement Exams - Website

*****PSAT and SAT offered at BBS on these dates*****


Helpful Videos
How to create College Board Account
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