BBS HS Student Council

4 Tenets of the Student Council:


  • Set a positive course for others to follow
  • Develop and expand leadership knowledge and skills in yourselves and others
  • Explore and practice democratic principles and citizenry


  • Build an environment of caring through volunteerism
  • Serve others in the school and community
  • Expand academic strengths through service learning


  • Be the voice of your student body
  • Give every student the chance to be heard
  • Share ideas, concerns, and solutions through positive communications


  • Promote fully accessible and inclusive activities and events
  • Make every student feel welcome and a part of school life
  • Foster a safe and inviting culture for all students

Conduct Guidelines for Student Leaders

Student council leaders are public officials. If they are to lead effectively and hold the confidence of those they serve, their conduct must conform to an ethical code. An ethics code acts as a guidepost for the student leader and a measuring stick for the student body. Respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship are the basics of all the principles below.

Code of Conduct for Student Council Members:

  • Upholds fundamentals of morality and ethics
  • Complies with school regulations concerning rules and policies, property, programs, etc.
  • Demonstrates honesty and reliability
  • Shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others
  • Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously
  • Exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior such as positive attitude, poise, stability, etc.
  • Publicly reflects self, organization, and school in the best possible light.
  • Upholds the four Tribes agreements and BBS character ethos


Objectives and Purposes of BBS Student Council

The objective and purpose of the student council shall be to:


  1. Provide a democratic form in which students can address those school-related issues that affect their lives. 
  2. Maintain a continuous communication channel from students to faculty members and administrators as well as among the students within the school.
  3. Offer a yearlong program of social functions and community involvement projects for students.
  4. Provide leadership training for students in the duties and responsibilities of good citizenship, using the school environment as the primary training ground.

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